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A Better Option: Create Separate Partitions for Backups and Files

  1. How to Share an External Drive Between a Mac and a PC
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I was able to follow your instruction even though a circle was used to define the partition. Thank you! If I partition a 5 TB drive into two 2tb and one 1tb partition, and use a two TB partition for TimeMachine and the other partitions for documents and Scratch Disk for Photoshop, will Time Machine back up the Documents partition even though it is on the same physical drive as the Time Machine Backup. Hi I did this but now when connecting to mac only the time machine appears.

How can I access the partition?


How to Share an External Drive Between a Mac and a PC

It should just appear. If you open the Disk Utility app and click on your hard drive, do you see two partitions? If so, can you select the storage partition? Try clicking on "First Aid" to see if your Mac can fix any issues. Some drives I have one tend to do this occasionally, while others work just fine. I find that sometimes unmounting the drive and reconnecting it works, you could also try restarting your Mac. I was just wondering if, later on after you've done this and partitioned your drive, if it's safe to change the size of the partitions?

That depends on the file systems you have chosen. If you're also using an NTFS partition to store data a Microsoft file system , then I would probably recommend backing everything up before you try resizing. NTFS can be resized, but I've heard many stories of lost data and corrupt partitions when doing so. As always, I'd recommend having a few backups though, especially if the data is really important irreplaceable photos, work etc.

Will files now automatically go to the free space on my external hard drive when there is no more space on my computer? Because I have stopped receiving iMessages on my computer because of lack of space and would like to start getting them again. How did you manage to format the "Sagat" Street Fighter? I'm on El Capitan now, and i'm not sure that format is an available option. Tim, When I try to select a backup disc, Time machine will only show the smaller of the two partitions as an option for the backup location. I wish to use the larger of the two partitions for the time machine backup, and the smaller for file storage and transfers.

Is this possible? And if so, How? Thanks, -Mike. I've been using my TC as an external hard drive since but since I've recently updated my Macbook, I can't figure out how to do it! I didn't set up a partition, I would just open the TC file and drag and drop my files there. Now that location doesn't seem to exist. Any ideas of how I can find the file? I need to back up my MacBook Air so that I can run Parallels, Windows, then download the Xactimate 28 software system-- which only downloads to Windows. I'm thinking I will purchase 1TB external hard drive that doesn't need to be formatted and works with Time Machine.

The result is I am hoping is that If I purchase the right one that I can plug in and pretty much run Windows and Xactimate and back up to Time Machine. Am I on the right store or do you think think I'd be better off just going in to an Apple Store?? I just purchased an external hard drive for my MAC desktop. I want to store all my photographs currently I also would like to store my backups I've never done one on this external drive.

First partition the drive, then copy your data to the storage partition and point Time Machine to the other partition. Hi, Tim, thanks for answering my questions. I got it! I see why my second question is confusing. No problems for now. Thanks again. Hi, thank you very much for the great solution to use an external hard drive. However, after reading it, I become more puzzled because: 1 I just bought Touro S for moving the ever expanding iPhoto Library and iTune stuff plus other files to save my disk space in Macbook Air.

I did the erasing part to get it ready for Mac. But I don't know which filesystem I should choose in partitioning. Any system is Okay? Does it matter with which filesystem I choose in partitioning Touro S? Thank you. Your Time Machine backup will only backup to your Time Machine drive.

If you partition a larger drive, the only partition you need to worry about is the one you want to store stuff on see my answer above. The second partition the one you intend to use to backup with Time Machine will be configured by your Mac. Hi, great article. If you've already used the external drive to hold files, is it too late to partition it? Would I have to move the files somewhere first, the partition it, then move the files back? Some filesystems don't complain too much when you resize them, others completely lose the plot and data can be lost in an instant.

Thanks Tim for the clarification. The last bit was the part that was tripping me up, because I'd figured on there being more of a white list approach, rather than a black list one for drives to back up. The latter seems easier to set up, but I guess Apple being Apple, it's more foolproof for users if out of the box Time Machine backs up any drive it sees. Thanks again — now just have to watch what USB sticks I leave in the machine or plug every one I have in to add it to the black list :.

  1. How to Partition an External or Internal Hard Drive in OS X!
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Any idea how to keep Time Machine from backing up every drive that's ever connected to the Mac? I have some pocket external drives that I use for travel and if I connect one to one of my Macs and Time Machine kicks in, TM starts adding that external to it's backup for that Mac — which I don't want.

How to Partition an External or Internal Hard Drive in OS X

Naturally, you'll need to connect the drives in order for them to show up so that you can add them to the list. Tim, Once I have partitioned my hard drive for time machine, how to I access the other partition that is not designated for time machine? I want to download and store items on the other 1. Chad, any partitions on a drive will mount as a separate "drive" on your desktop if you have your Finder preferences set to show connected drives on desktop and in your Finder windows' left column under the subhead "Devices" again here, make sure that your Finder preferences are set to display external drives by going to Finder, then under the Finder menu select Preferences, then under the Sidebar tab check the box next to External Devices that's under the Devices subhead.

I have one external driver which is 1tb. After partition I do have gb for time machine and gb for Storage. But I had a problem. When the Time Machine backups, it gets 60gb from my macbook air and all of my Storage partition! Great info but I am more of an aspirational "techie" i do recruiting. I have a Macbook pro that the folks at the genius bar have delicately told me is "Vintage". It is old. There's a keypad thats fallen off and all my volumes except my largest external drvie 2TB are full. There are a few storage problems. One is clearing out my laptop harddrive for better performance.

I had an old vintage iMac which I just upgraded to a new iMac model. Is it possible? Is it advisable? Thank you in advance! Hey Tim, Thanks for the nice article. I'm just trying to be clear on something. I had gb hard drive on my mac that was just stolen last week.

Fortunately, I have a full time machine back up. However, I'm looking at new macs that have smaller hard drives. If I were to get one and plug in my time machine Also, do you know if all my applications would be recovered too did a full back up, nothing unchecked? Finally, will trying to use a computer with a more recent OS cause any troubles? I have a 2T capsule. I don't want to backup everything in my computer just certain things. I have a bunch of videos that take up I also have a very large file of learning books that take up a lot of space on my MacPro.

I would like to be able to remove those files from my computers HD so I can open up space on my computer. Is their a way for me to put just these 2 large files alone into the time capsule so I can access it when i need it? You would need to repartition the Time Machine hard drive, as Time Machine uses the entire partition for its backup. If you create two partitions as the article states then you can dedicate one to Time Machine, and the other to storage.

Do remember that your iPhoto and iTunes libraries can also take up a lot of space, and generally need to be left on your computer though you can change this, e. Nice and clear post, just what I was looking for. I figured that's sufficient since most of what I want backed up doesn't change majority of the space taken is from a huge amount of photos so probably won't get re-backed up after the first run or will it?

How to Partition an External Hard Drive on Mac and Windows

You're correct Ian, after that initial chunky backup which can take a few hours Time Machine will only ever perform comparative backups. I also found this very helpful and timely since my 13" MacBook Pro with a GB hard drive was almost full. One additional question I do have though is about all the old iterations of backups mine go back two years currently.

Can I reset an option to limit how many are stored? And, how do I delete the old ones I no longer want. I tried to move them to my Trash, but I'm not sure that really worked. Time Machine dedicates the entire drive to simply backing up data, hence why you need to partition the drive if you would like to use it for something else in this instance, storing data.

Because of the way this works, Time Machine generally has a lot of space available. Historical backup data is simply a nice way of using that space you have already dedicated to backing up. Deleting old backups doesn't make much sense, because Time Machine polices itself when it comes to usage. So basically, provided your Time Machine drive or partition is bigger than your MacBook hard drive, you can just let it sort itself out.

Ignore any "Time Machine is getting full errors" too!

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We have an iMac OS X I have left this overnight and it always gets hung up, so I have to Stop the Backup. Any thoughts? Should I erase the entire disk and re-partition? That's an interesting one. You might want to keep in mind that it could be a problem with the Mac You will lose your historical backup data your Time Machine probably has old copies and versions of files long gone from your machine but if all your important stuff is on your computer or another hard drive then you won't really "lose" anything.

Provided you partition then set up Time Machine again, your machine will be backed up and you'll have some extra storage to play with. Hi , So I wish I had seen this article 4 days ago. Since the hard drive is smaller than my old one, thought it'd be enough if I just manually copy and paste stuff that I really need. So quickly connected my hard drive to the laptop and said yes for backing up the new computer with different name!

I thought that it would create another folder but apparently wasn't that smart. My questions are: 1. Are my all data actually overwritten with the new one? Is there any way for me to restore the old one? Unfortunately your data has probably been overwritten. There are a few things you can try, not least recovery of the entire partition. There is a great free tool available to help you do this, called TestDisk it has a cousin called PhotoRec that's perfect for recovering pictures from memory cards too. The key is to not write more data to the drive.

Add a volume to an APFS container

You can use exFAT if:. However, Seagate recommends installing the Paragon driver when sharing hard drives between operating systems. Use FAT32 if:. FAT32 is not recommended for modern operating systems and computers.

How to Partition an External Hard Drive

Yes No How could we make this article more helpful? Cancel Submit. Backup options Optional Formatting and Partitioning About file system formats Formatting instructions Hard drive tests Seagate diagnostic tool Windows only Windows diagnostic tool Mac diagnostic tool Frequently asked questions. Formatting instructions The steps below help you format and partition a storage device. Caution: Formatting erases everything on the storage device.