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Originally a product for Microsoft Windows, the Beyond Compare team has contributed a fine diff tool to the Mac platform. In its "Pro Version", it also supports merging.

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For people working on both Windows and Mac, it's great to know that a single license is valid for both platforms. Try it yourself - for free! Just like Araxis, the DeltaWalker app also lets you compare office files. Also, if you're regularly performing comparisons on a folder basis, DeltaWalker shines with a great performance in this area.

Its beautiful user interface and great image diffing capabilities are what set it apart. In case you're looking for a free alternative to the standard FileMerge app, you should also have a look at P4Merge and DiffMerge. Both can't compare in terms of features and user interface with their commercial competitors - but make for a valid alternative on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Compare Two Directories Contents on a Mac Using diff

Another aspect to watch out for is integrations: before choosing your favorite tool, you should make sure that it plays nicely with the rest of your tool chain. I can already confirm that all of the mentioned tools work seamlessly at least with Tower , our own Git client.

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If you don't need the power of a dedicated Diff tool application, the integrated diff views in Tower might be absolutely sufficient for you:. Try it 30 days for free! But a good one can be really helpful in a lot of situations. Try one of the above and see for yourself!

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FileMerge Being part of its developer toolset, Apple's own merge tool comes at no additional costs. The app works with the time honored Left folder and Right method. Select a folder of files.

Diff Tools on macOS

Compare Folders displays a list of of the files in each folder and details their differences. That means it looks at all the characteristics of each file in a folder and compares it with similarly named files in the other folder by looking into name, subfolders, creation date, modification date, file permissions, and more.

Files within the two folders which are the same will be highlight, spreadsheet types in green, while those that vary according to the filtered parameters, will be highlighted in red. For a few bucks more, Compare Folders will also do file checksums for even more accuracy.

Word documents, and be next to impossible with graphic files.

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