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What can I do to get more information about this device? In your post you mentioned that the AP is sending Probe requests. When you put your adapter in promiscuous mode, the adapter allows all frames to pass through. This means if there are other Proxim Wireless devices in the area, you will also see them in your sniff. Are there other Proxim Wireless devices in your area when performing your packet capture? This device is not in my network, it's maybe owned by a neighbour.

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I try to capture with Commview for WiFi and It doesn't appear in node tab. I don't think there are other Proxim Wireless device in my area, I see only one Proxim device when I perform the packet capture. Each time I start wireshark or commview the 6 last mac address numbers are changed.

I tested a capture a complete day without restarting wireshark, the Proxim device kept his mac address, next day I restarted 10 times wireshark and got 10 differents mac address from Proxim device. I don't understand why the device change his mac address when I perform a new capture. I assume you are using the same WiFi adapter and driver for both Wireshark and Commview.

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Is it possible to use another WiFi adapter and driver? This would eliminate the adapter and driver as the source of the problem. I just noticed that the active node discovery function is enabled in commview for WiFi.

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When I disable the active node discovery, sending probe request from Proxim device disapear in packet capture. I have tested using together, wireshark with another WiFi adapter and commview with active node enabled. Expand the last nodes — check this box if you would like to have the last node s in the decoder window automatically expanded when you select a new packet in the packet list and set the number of nodes to be expanded. By default, the first node is expanded. This setting has no effect if the Always fully expand all nodes in the decoder window box is checked.

Expand level — set the number of levels to expand. This defines the "depth" of tree node expansion. If this box is checked, only the top-level nodes will be saved. When this option is enabled, these sub-nodes are not saved. By default, this option is on, and packets with incorrect checksums are not discarded in the process of reconstruction. If you turn off this option, packets with incorrect checksums will be discarded and not displayed in the TCP reconstruction window.

Change MAC Address or Physical Address Using Registry Editor (regedit) in Windows - TECHRENA

Include packet numbers when reconstructing TCP sessions — check this box if you'd like the chunks of data shown in the TCP session reconstruction window to be prepended by the packet numbers that correspond to these chunks of data. Search for the session start when reconstructing TCP sessions — if this box is checked, the program will attempt to find the beginning of the TCP session when you reconstruct it. If it is not checked, the session will be reconstructed only from the selected packet, i.

Images are shown only when the display type in the window is set to "HTML. Use IPv4-style endings in IPv6 addresses — if this box is not checked, IPv6 addresses are shown using hexadecimal symbols only, e. If this box is checked, the last 4 bytes of IPv6 addresses are shown using the IPv4-style dotted notation, e.

Reassemble fragmented IP packets — check this box if you would like the program to reassemble IP packets that are fragmented. By default, fragmented IP packets are displayed as they were received from the wire, in their original form. If this option is turned on, the program will maintain an internal buffer of fragments and will attempt to "glue" them, displaying only the results of successful reassembly.

Display signal level in dBm — check this box if you would like the program to display signal strength in dBm rather than in percentile format. The availability of signal level in dBm depends on the wireless adapter model being used.

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Please refer to the Understanding Signal Strength chapter for more information. Default display type — select the display type value from the drop-down list that you want to set as default for the TCP Session Reconstruction function. Check this box if you do not plan to work with VoIP and want to minimize the usage of computer resources by the application.

Maximum records in the list — limits the number of displayed and processed VoIP events. When the number of records exceed the specified limit, older records are deleted from the lists. Orphan RTP streams typically appear if packet capturing was started in the middle of a call, or the signaling protocol is unknown to the application i. Such streams are still available for analysis, and sometimes for playback. If you are not interested in such orphan streams and want to save on computer resources, please disable this option. Generally, this is not an error, as RTP packets do not have a standard uniform signature, so such "false positives" are ok.

This prevents the application from creating "ghost" signaling or media streams that may appear if packets with bad CRC are not dropped. Geolocation is IP-to-country mapping for IP addresses. When this functionality is enabled, CommView checks the internal database to provide information on the country any IP address belongs to. You can also disable geolocation. For some IP addresses, such as reserved ones e.


In such cases, the country name is not shown, or if you use the Country flag option, a flag with a question mark is displayed. Version 2. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account.

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