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ALFA NETWORK: Support Mac OS X ( Sierra ) WiFi USB Model List

Joined: 26 Oct Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. I have heard so many complaints. Not really. It works with the occasional dropout. I prefer the NHR as the driver and utility is more stable on a Mac. Penguin , 26 Oct Joined: 2 Nov Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Hi Mr. Penguin i have mac ML installed in CustoMac what the best method to run my alfa awush?

RTL8187 Driver for 10.9

Thanks a lot to you. What is a CustoMac? Penguin , 12 Nov Joined: 17 Nov Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. I can't get a key from I'm using WEP and checked There is an app called Kali App that will allow you to connect between kismac and through the Realtek or Ralink utilities. Penguin , 7 Mar Sure13 New Member.

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Joined: 13 Mar Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Thanks in advance. You just need to run the commands in the code block in your console. Then check the output response in detail if it correctly enabled the kernel extension as you wish! Hi what program do i use to edit the numbers in the paste is needed to change? Wonderful post!

File Information

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Thanks for post! I used same link and same operations from post only driver and name changed from B to L. My mac version Tried all the 6 sites. Am I doing something wrong? OK, they're providing Mac drivers, but they don't support Mac browsers!

Realtek RTL8187L 11a/b/g Wireless USB Adapter Windows/Linux/MacOS Drivers, Utility

Try Chrome or Firefox. I spent 2 days dealing with many of the above mentioned problem. The installation CD that came with the product was on a mini disc. So, that was a no-go. There was no driver for Mac OS I downloaded The driver installed fine, but I experienced the same above mentioned problem with the wireless utility crashing upon starting every time. I tried the realtek site and downloaded the Same problems! Too bad it took me so long to find it. When I follow link I can't download driver from Realtek website it says i don't have permission.

Thank you very much for your help! I dropped my laptop and managed to rip out the wireless adapter yesterday. I managed to get it working for Lion OSX Very straight forward. Downloaded the Realtek installation package, ran it, restarted the computer then opened the Wireless Network Utility to connect. Hi Tim, I have installed the driver you said. You say "Remember: the driver doesn't integrate into Apple's airport utility. So you'll have to run a separate client to set up the wireless network.

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It isn't pretty. But it works. Many thanks, Diesel. I have a mac mini on Using your method, my connection is literally 10x as fast. Thanks for the information! Hello, I have tried to install different versions of the drivers on Mac OS What version of drivers could help me? Thank you. Hi there Pete. Apparently KisMAC works with this chipset.

Havent yet received the little blighter in the post, but would you mind explaining how I configure a client to hook up with the Apha AWUSH and which client you suggest? Or will KisMAC act as the client? I am running Apple mac Will the above lot all work together?? Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi, Afraid I have no extra info that what I've posted here. I've not played with one of these specific devices, nor with KisMac. I have tried all sorts of the Realtek drivers now but none work as the Wireless Network Utility always crashes or rather won't open. I have also tried the edimax drivers etc but all give the same problem.

I am on Mac OS In hardware it shows as connect with device id relatek Wireless Network Utility always crashes on I tried versions for 1.

HOWTO get R8187 running

All crashing Im student from Informatics engineering nice article, thanks for sharing :. My system info: 1.

How to install a USB Wireless Adapter on MAC OSX

Mine is realtek v2 EU version.