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Method 2. Determine the severity of your Mac's condition. If your Mac is so frozen that you can't interact with any on-screen items or even move the cursor, skip the next two steps. If you can still interact with some of the on-screen items, you may want to try force-quitting the program that's causing your Mac to freeze.

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Try force-quitting an application. Click the program you want to force-quit. Click Force Quit at the bottom of the window. Click Force Quit if prompted. Try to save any open work. If you've determined that you're unable to force-quit the problematic program, try saving any in-progress work in any responsive programs. Since forcing your Mac to shut down will also cause all open programs to close, you may lose unsaved work.

Many programs, such as those in the Microsoft Office suite, will save a backup of your work that you can restore upon restarting your Mac.

Once you've found the "Power" button, press down on it and don't release it until the screen turns off. This signifies that your Mac has turned off.

It may take your Mac up to a minute to finish turning off completely, so make sure that your Mac has stopped making noise before you proceed. Turn back on your Mac after a minute. Once your Mac has shut down entirely, you can press the "Power" button once to turn back on your Mac. When it finishes restarting, your Mac should be unfrozen. If your Mac is still frozen after restarting, try troubleshooting your Mac.

Method 3.

1. Force Quit from Apple Menu

Start your computer in Safe Mode. Your computer will start in Safe Mode and attempt to repair issues with your disk. Use it for the next couple steps, then restart to return your computer to normal. Disable open on startup. Safe Mode prevents programs from opening automatically on startup. To prevent a program opening after a normal startup, follow these steps: Open the Apple menu.

Uninstall a problematic program. If you have a specific program that you know is causing your Mac to freeze, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, if you like will solve the problem: Open. Repair your disk. Click Disk Utility on the startup screen. Click Continue. Select your startup disk and click Repair Disk. Wait for this to complete it may take a while , then restart your computer. Reset your SMC. An issue with the SMC can prevent your power button from working properly, or cause general slowdowns.

If none of the steps above solved your problem, reset the SMC: [4] Laptop with non-removable battery — Shut down your computer and plug it into a power source. Laptop with removable battery — Shut down your computer. Unplug the power adapter and remove the battery , then hold down the "Power" button for five seconds. Release the "Power" button, reinsert the battery, and plug in your computer to a power source. Press the "Power" button. Desktop — Shut down the iMac and unplug the power cord. Wait fifteen seconds, then plug it back in. Wait five seconds, then press the "Power" button.

On my new Macbook, the enter password area has a question mark sign. I've put in the password, but it says it's wrong. What do I do? It looks like your Caps Lock is on. Try disabling it, then entering your password. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1. Press and hold the power button on the computer for about five seconds until the lights go off and it stops making noise.

My Macbook Pro retina has a vertical line on the screen. How can I remove it? Unfortunately, there's really no way to fix this without replacing your display; your screen is damaged. If you're under warranty, you can take your computer to Apple Support for a replacement. The same force quit window will pop up, and you can select which program you want to force quit.

Select the program you want to close. In your dock, right click on the program you want to close's icon. A menu should pop up with "Force quit" as an option; click it to force quit, and the program should shut down.

How to force quit an application on a mac

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6 Ways to Force Quit Mac Applications

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How Do I Force Shutdown On A MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro Retina Display?

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