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  1. How to Export Contacts from Mac OS X
  2. How to Transfer Contacts From a Phone to a Mac Via Bluetooth

Sync your contacts and appointments: Media Sync Your contacts, calendar appointments, tasks and notes can be synchronized with popular Mac applications.

Easily backup, restore, and add and remove applications: Restore SupportTransfer data between BlackBerry smartphones, back up and restore information manually or automatically, and add or remove applications. Read more. Search Downloads. Google Photos App. Picasa for Mac.

How to Export Contacts from Mac OS X

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Using this app anyone who owns BlackBerry 10 device can easily transfer photos, songs and videos to and from PC or Mac, enabling much easier enjoyment in all your multimedia content. In addition of entrainment content management, BlackBerry Link also supports ability to sync calendar and contact entries between home computer and BlackBerry 10 device, as well as update its system software and preform important backup and restore features that could enable you to have completely hassle-free upgrade experience when moving from one phone to another.

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  8. Main interface of BlackBerry Link for Mac has a traditional dark theme that is present with all BlackBerry apps, with dashboard that is very clear and easy to use. Left side of the app holds a listing of most important sections, which when they are activated are showcased on the remained of the large dashboard screen.

    How to Transfer Contacts From a Phone to a Mac Via Bluetooth

    With this kind of setup, even users who have very little technical knowledge about working with home computers will have easy way how to manipulate with the entertainment content on their phones, and preform basic phone sync and upgrade options that will not only make your phone up to date with latest OS versions but also enable you to easily switch from one phone to another taking with you all your contacts and calendar entries.

    Photos, videos and documents can easily be synced with selected folders too. Easy to use BlackBerry Link for Mac is easy to set up, and you'll be prompted to download the software when you first connect your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer.