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Improve Playback performance. Fix issues about schedule record. Learn more I accept. Consumer Education and Business Application. Your digital VCR. Record in p. Watch at your convenience. Auto power-on STB for recording. No more commercials. Excitements on the go. Compare with other Video Capture products Compare Now.

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When the file is recorded, you can immediately press the "RECALL" button on the remote control to play back the file; the ER does not support the timeshift function. ER is power on, but why is the Source light not lit? Please unplug and replug the HDMI input and output; some Sources require longer scanning time, and we also recommend trying different Source resolutions.

Try another HDMI cable.

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EH1004H-4 Nano

Legally, unless you have been duly licensed, we expressly advise that you DO NOT record copyrighted contents, particularly those with copy protection such as HDCP, to avoid breaking the law. If you have been duly granted a license to record copyrighted contents, it is technically possible to use a splitter with our product; however, our warranty does not cover such usage, and AVerMedia will not be liable to any damage caused by such actions.

If only one source is On, ER will automatically connect to that source. If one of the two sources is turned Off, ER will automatically connect to the On source. If you love new tech trends, then this attractive looking little unit could be of interest. I know it was for me! USB 3. I accept no imitations and love the end result that this approach yields! The case is classy to look at, but why am I making a big deal out of it? The same goes for the look and feel of your capture card.


If it looks sleek and stylish then why not leave it on display so that it adds something cool to your gaming corner? Plug and play is the dream that we all aspire to when we unbox a new bit of tech. The AV. The setup is super simple; so much so that even I could do it! What I liked most about this piece of kit is that it did exactly what it said on the box, and nothing more. There were no nasty surprises or weird instances where stuff inexplicably stopped working. It just got on with its job of streaming which is precisely what I wanted to see!

USB 2. But if you want something field proven with a long record of exceptional delivery, then this is a prime candidate. With a no-fuss look, its design is an important indication of a back to basics approach. Not everything has to be geared towards online gaming, does it?

Product Downloads :: Luxriot

This pocket-sized piece of tech is perfect at what it does: mastering music…. If you want to put gaming to one side and listen to your favorite albums instead, then this could be just what you need. Top to all you music lovers out there who just want something that will get the job done without any fuss! The connectors are all well made and easy to use. These ones are clearly built to last which is great for those of you who are demanding of your tech and give it a hard life! For you to be able to record music smoothly and without any crinkles in the sound you need something stable and reliable.

The experience the manufacturer has of working with this interface really shows, and it makes it a great candidate for your next tech purchase. Highly recommended!

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You might have read those last three sections and wondered what all the fuss is about. Well, have you ever wanted to listen to all your old vinyl and those boxes full of cassette tapes on your iPod? This one, in particular, is good at getting the job done without any hassle. This is one of those great little devices if all you want to do is master DVD production. There are no unnecessary additions, just simple controls, and robust software. I loved it! I loved how quickly it completed complex tasks which tells me there is plenty of computing power in reserve for future expansion.

The video editing software is simple to use and produces professional quality results. That said, there was no real need to dive into the manual because everything was simple and intuitive. The layout was clean and crisp, and I found it really easy to get to grips with. To the uninitiated, these tribulations may sound like no big deal, but they can be a real nightmare let me tell you! The fact it works with both options is absolutely fantastic and makes things a lot easier when deciding whether to make it your next piece of tech.

The compact design is an excellent indication of efficient and well thought out engineering. No matter how demanding the task it is presented with; it just stays cool.

I love this because it allows you to avoid adding another clunky box to your desktop setup! Back to the cards for the gamers out there! If you love to get on Twitch or share on YouTube, then this could be well worth a closer look. Let me know what you think! If you want to be able to ensure that you always send out a crystal clear stream that never lags behind the play, then this is a great little option. The buffers and onboard firmware do a great job of pushing your data through.

The output has to be intelligible to other devices and platforms if your streaming channel is going to take off. The way the device is integrated with YouTube is very impressive. By being able to stream and upload directly, you can save time and make the process so much more streamlined.

Highly recommended in this regard!

AVer VC520 Video Conference Camera System

The last word I want to have concerns the warranty. These guys go twice as far and make sure you have two years of protection. I love this because it means that you can stream with the peace of mind that everything is covered. This is an excellent example of a developer totally getting behind their product. This is the ultimate way for you gamers to take your streams to the next level. Here are my thoughts for your consideration guys!

You heard it here first folks! The integration of the video and audio streams is very impressive, and it makes things really easy. The option to use it with or without a PC is a very powerful one that allows you to be even more flexible with your stream. A common mistake that many would-be streaming masters have made much to their chagrin!

Console chats are a great way to bring your gaming experience to the masses. If you want to show the world how you and your clan tackle a new landscape, then this is for you. This is a recording device that has been making a lot of noise in the market recently. The onboard hard drive makes things a lot easier and its size is indeed impressive. Yes, you could have a couple of terabytes if you wanted to pay for it, but this one is included as standard.

Over time you may find that you upgrade and add an external device, but this will be more than enough to get things up and running. The portability is first class because of how compact and lightweight the design is. The power consumption is low, and the electronics are so efficient that it runs cool and makes virtually no noise. I was certainly impressed by it, and I think you will be too. If you want to be able to capture great quality video that will still look good in 10 years time, then this is a worthy little piece of kit. Well done guys, I highly recommend this piece of kit!

If you want to stream too then, another device will be the order of the day. This is one of the devices that I was most excited about when I started my search. The name totally sets out its stall. This thing is a real Ripsaw when it comes to low latency! Enough of my pitch, get reading guys! The low latency and the seamless picture are high-quality which means you can stream uninterrupted. I completely loved the raw power that this thing brought to the party, and I think you will too.

What the Ripsaw does is allow you to do it with the click of a button.